Statement of the Center for Public Justice Regarding Supreme Court Decision in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization


Government Should Protect the Life and Dignity of All


(June 24, 2022) -- The U.S. Supreme Court today upheld the constitutionality of Mississippi’s pre-viability abortion ban in a decision that overturns Roe v. Wade, finds that there is no constitutional right to abortion, and shifts abortion regulation towards state legislatures. The Center for Public Justice (CPJ) affirms the value and sanctity of every human life and welcomes the decision as an opportunity to prioritize the well-being of women, families, and children in a post-Roe era. Recognizing the deep divisions and intense emotions surrounding the issue of abortion, we call on Congress to move beyond traditional partisan gridlock and enact family-supportive policies, including the establishment of a universal paid benefit for new parents and end-of-life caregivers and the guarantee of at least two weeks annual paid medical and caregiving leave. 


Key among CPJ’s guiding principles is the conviction that governments should protect families as the most basic institution of society. We believe this entails government policies that protect and uphold the lives both of mothers and of their unborn children. As the Supreme Court's decision in Dobbs permits a greater range of state regulation of abortion, CPJ affirms that government bears responsibility to rightly exercise their authority relative to decisions that involve the taking of life. CPJ opposes the enactment of overly punitive abortion laws designed to punish the women that public policy should instead aim to support, and also opposes the enactment of public policy designed to encourage abortions. Most importantly, any changes in the legal status of abortion must be accompanied by a new, robust commitment to family-supportive public policies.   


Our governments should take a comprehensive and consistent pro-family stance, promoting policies that enable all women and their families to flourish before, during, and after pregnancy. Such a stance must take a hard look at the health risks experienced by  pregnant women in the United States and the high rates of maternal and child mortality for women of color. We encourage investments in research and data collection on maternal health disparities and support for programs that meet the unique needs of women of color. We need real commitment to family-supportive policies that address the systemic economic and social realities that currently make pregnancy and childbirth a precarious season in many families’ lives and can incline women toward abortion. 


The Supreme Court’s decision is the moment for Congress to move forward on common ground, bipartisan policies that protect families as a whole and for faith-based organizations and people of faith to continue advocating for a culture that values the sanctity of all human life and strengthens the fabric of our families and communities. The Supreme Court’s decision must mark only a first stage in new pro-life and pro-family efforts, not the end.


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