A Conversation with the CEO


A Conversation with the CEO



Join CPJ’s CEO Stephanie Summers for a report on CPJ’s year in review, with a look ahead to the work CPJ will embark upon. Summers will be joined by her colleague Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies, founder and director of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance. This video conference is a great way to learn more about CPJ’s expanding work in a number of areas, and for you to ask questions. 



Friday, March 13 at 2 pm ET



This video conference is for anyone who is interested in learning more about CPJ’s work in the past year and the work CPJ is planning in 2020.



About the Speakers

Stephanie Summers, CEO at the Center for Public Justice


Stephanie Summers is the CEO of the Center for Public Justice, a Christian, independent, non-partisan civic education and public policy organization based in Washington, D.C. The Center works to equip citizens, develop leaders and shape policy through a variety of initiatives. She is a co-author with Michael J. Gerson and Katie Thompson of Unleashing Opportunity: Why Escaping Poverty Requires a Shared Vision of Justice (Falls City Press). A frequent speaker and moderator, she also contributed a chapter to the edited volume The Church’s Social Responsibility (Christian Library Press), and has written for publications includingComment and Q Ideas. Stephanie is an award recipient of the first-ever Duke Divinity Reflective Leadership Grant, which she fulfilled on behalf of the Center in 2019.  


The Center operates, under Stephanie’s leadership, two publications for Christian political formation, Public Justice Review and Shared Justice; Political Discipleship, a small group curriculum; the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance and Sacred Sector, which encourage faith-based organizations to live out their faith-based callings; and Families Valued, which produces research on work and caregiving dynamics.


Stephanie serves on several faith-based nonprofit advisory boards. She earned her master’s degree in nonprofit management from Eastern University, where she holds an appointment to the Board of Trustees.



Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies, Founder and Senior Director of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance


Dr. Stanley Carlson-Thies is the founder and senior director of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance (IRFA), a division of the Center for Public Justice. As part of this role, he convenes the Coalition to Preserve Religious Freedom, a multi-faith alliance of social-service, education, and religious freedom organizations that advocates for the religious freedom of faith-based organizations to Congress and the federal government. In addition he is also a Senior Fellow at the Canadian think tank Cardus. Previously, he was director of social policy studies for CPJ and directed CPJ’s project to track the implementation and impact of the Charitable Choice provision of the 1996 federal welfare reform law. He served with the White House Office of Faith-Based & Community Initiatives from its inception in February 2001 until mid-May 2002. Following his term in the White House, he returned to CPJ as the director of faith-based policy studies. He received the William Bentley Ball Life and Religious Liberty Defense Award from the Center for Law and Religious Freedom and the Christian Legal Society in October 2004, and holds a doctorate in political science from the University of Toronto. In May 2019, Carlson-Thies received the Religious Liberty Dinner National Award from the North American Religious Liberty Association (NARLA), Liberty magazine, and the Seventh-day Adventist Church.