2017 Kuyper Lecture


Prince Conference Center, Calvin College,

Grand Rapids, Michigan

Dr. Charles Glenn will trace parallels between the current political confusion and the period when Kuyper articulated sphere sovereignty as the basis for religious freedom, and suggest that this principle offers a framework for structuring school choice and reform efforts today, applying this to the role of Islamic schools in the US as an antidote to cultural alienation and jihadist violence.

Glenn is professor emeritus of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Boston University, where he began teaching in 1991. From 1970 to 1991, he was responsible for equity and urban education in the Massachusetts Department of Education, and was active in the Freedom Movement in Boston and the American South, and in the national War on Poverty in the 1960s. Glenn’s dozen books include The Myth of the Common School (1988), The Ambiguous Embrace: Government and Faith-based Schools and Social Agencies (2000), and (edited with Jan De Groof) Balancing Freedom, Autonomy, and Accountability in Education (2012), with chapters on 65 national systems of education in four volumes. He is currently directing a study on citizenship education in Islamic secondary schools across the United States.