What Emergency COVID-19 Laws Mean for Faith-based Organizations


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The Center for Public Justice has heard from many faith-based organizations who have questions about how new federal emergency legislation enacted to manage the COVID-19 crisis and related economic fallout will impact their employees, their donations, and their capacity to continue to operate. We will describe three aspects of new laws, noting what’s known about these laws’ practical implications for faith-based organizations and houses of worship as well as their prospective impact on religious freedom.

Join the Center for Public Justice community via Zoom on Friday, April 3 at 2 pm Eastern for an interactive webinar from CPJ's team to discuss the implications of new laws such as:

- Emergency paid sick and family leave for employees
- Emergency programs and their impact on employment decisions 
- Access to loans through the Small Business Administration
- Enhanced Unemployment Insurance during the COVID-19 crisis 
- A new charitable deduction to encourage giving during the crisis


Watch the Recording