A Conversation with CPJ's CEO


Join CPJ’s CEO Stephanie Summers for a report on CPJ’s year in review, with a look ahead to the work CPJ will embark upon. This video conference is a great way to learn more about CPJ’s expanding work in a number of areas, and for you to ask questions. Join the video conference Tuesday, March 19 at 2 pm ET. 

To get a preview of CPJ’s work in 2018, view the 2018 annual report online here: https://cpjustice.org/index.php/public/page/content/2018_annual_report


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About the Speaker: 
Stephanie Summers is the CEO of the Center for Public Justice, a Christian, independent, non-partisan civic education and public policy organization based in Washington, D.C. The Center works to equip citizens, develop leaders and shape policy through a variety of initiatives. She is a co-author with Michael J. Gerson and Katie Thompson of Unleashing Opportunity: Why Escaping Poverty Requires a Shared Vision of Justice (Falls City Press). A frequent speaker and moderator, she also contributed a chapter to the edited volume The Church’s Social Responsibility (Christian Library Press), and has written for publications including Comment and Q Ideas. Stephanie is an award recipient of the first-ever Duke Divinity Reflective Leadership Grant, which she will fulfill on behalf of the Center in 2019.

About the Interviewer:
Chelsea Langston Bombino is the director of Sacred Sector, an initiative of the Center for Public Justice that equips faith-based organizations and emerging leaders to live out their sacred missions. Chelsea holds a B.A and a J.D from the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and is a member of the State of Michigan Bar Association.