Webinar: Family Friendly Work


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The COVID-19 pandemic brought a myriad of challenges for family-work balance with it and highlighted the deficiency of family-friendly workplace policies. One study reported that nearly 20% of adults said that they left the workforce during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the commitment of caregiving demands for a child or another family member. Further, negative health impacts and financial strain due to the pandemic disproportionately hurt Black and Hispanic families.

When the pandemic began, the United States lacked any mechanism to guarantee workers paid sick days or the flexibility to care for children and loved ones. Why were these systems absent? What does history teach us about the relationship between work and family life? In what light might Christian ethics and practice offer to the way forward? 

Families Valued partnered with Abide Women's Health, the National Latino Evangelical Coalition, and Millennial Journal to explore these questions through this webinar. This panel discussion featured Dr. Julie Hanlon Rubio (Jesuit School of Theology of Santa Clara University), Joanna Meyer (Denver Institute for Faith and Work), and the Rev. Dr. Gabriel Salguero (National Latino Evangelical Coalition).