2019 Kuyper Lecture: Does Supporting Religious Freedom Require Opposition to LGBT Civil Rights?


2019 Annual Kuyper Lecture
Sponsored by the Center for Public Justice

Fairness for All: Does Supporting Religious Freedom Require Opposition to LGBT Civil Rights?

Thursday, April 25, 2019 at 7:30 p.m.
Prince Conference Center at Calvin College
This lecture is free and open to the public.

About the Event: 
Christians promote rather than just tolerate religious freedom — it is a political principle rooted in our convictions about the fallibility of human nature and the limited competence of any government, as well as an affirmation of human dignity.  Yet in supporting religious freedom, Christians support the rights of individuals and organizations to live and act consistently with their differing—and even offensive—beliefs (within limits). Fairness for All does just that. When it comes to differing convictions about sexuality and marriage, Fairness for All creates a legal framework that allows both those committed to progressive views on sexuality and those committed to historical Christian views to live as good neighbors. This allows us to carry out our disputes and differences peaceably, rather than using the force of law to restrict the full participation of the other in society. Shapri LoMaglio will explicate how Fairness for All presents a model to protect all citizens and organizations in light of our nation’s diverse convictions about sexuality. She will argue that by advocating for freedom for all, Christians are seeking genuine opportunities to engage others in dialogue, and that by defending the rights of others, may very well earn the credibility to be heard by those with whom we disagree.    

About the Speaker:
Shapri directs the Council of Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) in their response to legislative, legal, and regulatory changes that affect its membership, educates CCCU institutions on such matters, and advocates on their behalf in Washington, D.C. She writes and speaks on issues of higher education and religious liberty. Shapri also helps plan and execute development conferences and materials for Council Presidents.

About the Kuyper Lecture: 
The Center for Public Justice's annual Kuyper Lecture seeks to focus attention on significant questions of religion in public life and Jesus' Lordship over all creation. Their goal is to inspire and equip Christians to pursue a common calling to faithful citizenship and to affirm the vital role of government in upholding public justice.

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