Strauss at Christian Legal Society Conference


Senior fellow Gideon Strauss spoke at the Christian Legal Society's 50th anniversary conference Oct. 20-23 in Chicago. He discussed and debated "Justice, Poverty, Politics & the State" at the Christian Scholars' Symposium on Oct. 21, along with Jordan J. Ballor of the Acton Institute. The Scholars’ Symposium is an annual offering designed to give law professors, students, lawyers and judges an opportunity to discuss scholarly topics and academic issues.

Strauss also led a workshop titled "Laws and Sausages: Christian faith, the legal profession, and the dirty business of politics," part of the conference’s jurisprudence track.

Non-resident fellow Stanley Carlson-Thies, president of the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance, led a workshop titled “Safeguarding the Religious Freedom of Parachurch Ministries,” part of the conference’s religious liberties track.