Two Discussions in Grand Rapids, Mich.


1. A conversation on A Call for Intergenerational Justice with Gideon Strauss, CEO of the Center for Public Justice

This panel discussion with Q&A was co-hosted by Peter Vander Meulen, coordinator of the Christian Reformed Church of North America Office of Social Justice, and Tom McWhertor of the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee in the CRCNA Offices.


2. Opposing Views: America's Debt Crisis and "A Call for Intergenerational Justice"

This discussion was hosted by the Acton Institute and featured Gideon Strauss, former CEO of the Center for Public Justice, and Jordan J. Ballor, research fellow at the Acton Institute.

Mr. Ballor has criticized the Call as demonstrating "very little principle" and consisting mostly of "leaps in logic based on unstated assumptions about the role that government should have" in providing social assistance. The Action Institute hosted an evening of discussion about government debt, federal spending, and how faith communities should understand the responsibilities of social institutions in addressing the problem of poverty at Derby Station.