Understanding the Title VII Decision: Faith-Based Employment and LGBTQ Rights


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The U.S. Supreme Court has extended federal employment protection to LGBTQ employees in a decision acknowledging that important issues remain, including uncertainties for religious employers. 


Key among America’s foundational values is protection of the right for people and organizations to  exercise their religion—to live life in accordance with their deeply held convictions. Many legal precedents have been established, and much legislation adopted, detailing what the First Amendment’s protection of the exercise of religion means in real life. These provisions must be maintained while other rights are clarified and expanded. Justice and equal treatment require nothing less.   


The Supreme Court’s decision acknowledges these religious rights, but does not specify how they are to be safeguarded. This webinar provides religious employers with a top-level understanding of the decision, its implications, and the resulting challenges and opportunities. 

Hosted by Center for Public Justice (CPJ), the panel included Alexander Dushku (lawyer for Kirton McConkie, specializing in First Amendment issues), Dale Carpenter (professor at Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law), Tyler Deaton (senior advisor, American Unity Fund) and Stanley Carlson-Thies (founder and senior director, Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance). The conversation was moderated by Meg Biallas Henry (director of communications, Center for Public Justice).