Facebook Live: Paid Family Leave and Child Development


On Thursday, July 25th at 1 pm ET, join a Facebook live discussion with Dr. Krista Casler, a mom, a Christian, and a professor of psychology at Franklin & Marshall College. She'll discuss crucial components of early child development and how paid family leave factors in. 

Join for a Facebook Live conversation with Dr. Krista about paid family leave and child development

July 25 at 1 pm ET

Facebook Live
About the Speaker: 
Krista Casler, Ph.D., is a professor at Franklin & Marshall College, where she chairs the Department of Psychology and is a research director in the Development & Experience (DAX) Center. Dr. Casler's research focuses on children's early cognitive development, specializing in the social information involved in artifact learning and use. She has a side interest in the intersections of parenting, child development, and culture, and she teaches a course on this topic in Copenhagen, Denmark every other year. She also is a working mom of three, with two biological sons and a foster daughter at home (ages 9 to 13), and is a regular Sunday School teacher to 3- and 4-year-olds at West End Mennonite Fellowship.