CPJ Webinar: Living Out Our Public Justice Responsibilities During COVID-19


Watch the Recording

The spread of COVID-19 has raised many questions for Christians and institutions. We at CPJ are asking those questions, and want to provide for you a helpful way to navigate during this unusual time. Join us for an informational webinar from CPJ’s team on how Christians, leaders of faith-based organizations and policymakers can and should be thinking about how to address this health crisis in light of a public justice perspective.

Join the Center for Public Justice community via Zoom on Friday, March 20 at 2 pm Eastern for an interactive webinar from CPJ’s team on how people of faith and their institutions can rise to the challenge of loving their neighbors during this unprecedented time by:

  • Understanding how to apply a public justice framework during this current pandemic;
  • Following closely the emerging public policy solutions to address the spread of the virus, and understanding how those policies will impact faith-based organizations and vulnerable communities; and
  • Instituting thoughtful and positive organizational practices that can and should shape a supportive environment for employers and employees.