Unleashing Opportunity: Geneva College, PA


Join co-authors Stephanie Summers and Katie Thompson for a keynote and panel discussion on their latest book, Unleashing OpportunitySummers will deliver the keynote, exploring our shared responsibility for justice and Thompson will then moderate a panel discussion.

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About the Book

Unleashing Opportunity: Why Escaping Poverty Requires A Shared Vision Of Justice explores five key issues that require shared solutions in order to unleash opportunity for many Americans today. This book offers anyone concerned with poverty in America an accessible, Christian framework for thinking through these issues as well as powerful stories of people contributing to the solutions. 

The book explores five key issues that are taking a disproportionate and devastating toll on low-income Americans. Topics include:

  • The Importance of Early Childhood
  • The Foster Care to Trafficking Pipeline
  • Juvenile Justice Reform
  • The Graduation Gap
  • Predatory Payday Lending

For each topic, Gerson puts a lens on the magnitude of the problem, Summers applies a public justice framework for considering solutions, and Thompson tells the story of real Americans who have experienced these issues first hand. 

Find out more about the book at www.UnleashingOpportunity.org