What We Do:

Public Justice Review (PJR) explores in-depth specific questions of public justice, equipping citizens to pursue God's good purpose for our political community.

IRFA promotes government policies, public attitudes, and organizational practices that safeguard institutional religious freedom so that faith-based organizations can make their vital and diverse contributions to the common good. 

Shared Justice is an online publication and community for Christian twenty and thirty somethings interested in the intersection of faith, politics, and justice. 

The Community Institute for Education draws people from all walks of life to figure out how to shape policy towards a more just education system for everyone.


Sacred Sector is a learning community for faith-based organizations and emerging leaders within the faith-based nonprofit sector to integrate and fully embody their sacred mission in every area of organizational life.


Families Valued promotes organizational and public policies that better support family life and respect the family responsibilities of all workers.

CPJ Events including our upcoming 2019 Kuyper Lecture and recent 40th Anniversary Dinner.

CPJ Publications including Capital Commentary, previous Annual ReportsPublic Justice Report and Root & Branch.