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The Case for Paid Family Leave

Handouts for Paid Family Leave

Paid family leave honors both family and work responsibilities. Download one-page handouts outlining how paid family leave supports families, children, and workplaces.

Paid Family Leave is Pro-Life

Paid family leave helps families honor the sanctity of life at both the beginning and end of life.

  • Paid family leave is associated with fewer preterm births, higher birth weights, and lower infant mortality. 
  • Family care is important at the end-of-life.

Families Valued: Protecting Time to Care

Paid family leave is a workplace policy that honors both family and work responsibilities. This handbook articulates a faith-based case for supporting paid family leave, and the principles that should undergird such a policy.


Every Family Has a Story

The rhythms of family life impact every family. Every family experiences seasons with family care is irreplaceable, including the welcoming of a child and the end of life of a loved one.




Paid Family Leave Supports Economic Vitality

Access to paid leave increases worker retention for both high and low-paying jobs. In states with paid family leave programs, employers report that paid family leave had either a positive effect or no noticeable effect on productivity, profitability/performance, turnover, and employee morale.


Paid Family Leave Supports the Sacred Sector

Many organizations that care deeply about their employees fall short of offering what’s needed for child and family health. Paid family leave policy can help organizations embody their family values and provide for their employees.


Paid Family Leave Can Support Vulnerable Families

Welcoming a new child or taking time off for family care can mean forgoing wages. Without paid family leave families must depend on their savings to have family time. Many families cannot buffer lost wages with savings. Family time shouldn’t depend on family wealth.


Paid Family Leave is Pro-Child

Parents have a primary role in protecting and nurturing children. Science offers convincing evidence for this. Scientists increasingly trace child brain development to early interactions with loved ones. In the first months of life, a parent’s touch, sound, and attention are the foundation for a healthy brain, healthy body, and healthy relationships. In sum, children flourish in the context of family.


Paid Family Leave is Pro-Family

The health of families and of society are bound up with one another. It takes healthy families to sustain a healthy, functioning society. When we respect and protect family caregiving, we strengthen our whole society.

  • Family leave can support parental well-being and foster healthy family relationships.
  • Family leave can enable parent-child bonding.
  • Many Americans feel they have too little time for family or medical care.
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