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New Research: Faith in Child Care Settings

Faith in Child Care Settings: From Faith Affiliation to Everyday Practice

In the United States, child care has long been provided by religious groups or housed in buildings that also serve as places of worship. According to a survey conducted by the Bipartisan Policy Center in 2020, faith-based child care remains a popular choice for many families. However, there has been little research conducted about the faith-based component of the child care sector.

In order to address knowledge gaps concerning faith and child care in the United States and to identify common ways that faith is expressed within child care settings, the Center for Public Justice (CPJ) and Rachel Hope Anderson, CPJ’s senior consultant on this project, initiated a survey of child care providers, both child care centers and family-based centers, in Georgia and Massachusetts.

The findings shed light on the nuanced relationship between faith and child care provision, emphasizing the multifaceted ways in which faith influences both the motivations and practices of child care providers.

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