Healing in Community: Incarceration Alternatives for Emerging Adults

By Matthew McCullers

Matthew McCullers writes, “As a community, we are called to push each other towards Kingdom realities, which hinge upon justice — justice that seeks to bring healing to not only those who have been incarcerated, but to their families, victim(s) and communities.”

Rewiring for Healing: A Holistic Response to the Impact of Social Media on Youth Mental Health

By Emily Crouch and Joya Schreurs

America’s youth are experiencing a mental health crisis, and unregulated social media access is one of its key contributors. Both government and civil society must act to keep social media companies in check and promote healthy digital citizenship in youth.

An Interview with Juana Jerez, Equipping Ministries Fellowship Intern

By Ela Alvarado

As an intern at the Center of Public Justice (CPJ) in the Equipping Ministries Fellowship (EMF) team, I am currently working on the upcoming Equipping Ministries Fellowship Podcast. As a podcast associate, visual artist, and producer, I have been collaborating with a team to create engaging episodes that explore the intersection of faith, ministry, and public justice.

Restoring our Youth: Mental Health in the Wake of COVID-19

By Angel Ramirez

As we move forward from the pandemic, its effects will live with American youth as they grow into adulthood. The lack of resources needs to be addressed as we slowly shift into this epidemic of the mental health crisis. There needs to be an investment in the youth of our tomorrow by taking care of their emotional needs today. We are called to act as servants to our neighbors, representing God’s image by helping those in need. 

A Public Justice Primer on the Youth Mental Health Crisis

By Ezra Craker

“Food doesn’t just serve as a basic need — for sure it is that — but it’s also a symbol of community and belonging and neighborliness,” says Cara Cliburn Allen, Ph.D., a researcher who’s dedicated her career to improving outcomes for college students.

Facing the Future: Increasing Food Access for Young Adults

By Madeline Pannell and Sofia Timina

CPJ Research Fellow Sofi Timina writes, “Food insecurity is a consequence of inequality in our society, and it further deepens it. For there to be long-lasting impact, there needs to be systemic change.” Read more on our site about the chronic problem of food insecurity for young adults and what it looks like to address the complex causes of this issue.

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