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Religious Freedom to House the Homeless

“Blessed are the poor…” my four-year-old croons the lyrics between gasped whispers, barely audible, as if unwilling to bring the full weight of his singing voice to these words until […]

The Reenchantment of Religious Freedom: What the Becket Religious Freedom Index Reveals About Our Shared Commitments to Seek the Sacred Across Difference

My just-turned-four-year-old has fallen in love with the classic folk tale “Henny Penny,” or as it’s more frequently called in the United States, “Chicken Little.” For days, I’ve been immersed […]

Tax-Exempt Status Needs Protection for Diverse Faith-Based and Community-Based Civil Society Organizations

In mid-January 2024, U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) and colleagues introduced the Safeguarding Charity Act to advance the independence of America’s tax-exempt organizations. Senator Rubio stated: “Civic organizations like churches, […]

Religious Freedom to Serve Children with Disabilities

The case Loffman v. California Department of Education centers on a beautiful idea: Orthodox Jewish families with children with disabilities want to send their children to Orthodox Jewish schools that […]

The Black Church and Religious Freedom: A Discussion with Dr. Jacqueline Rivers

On September 28-29, 2023, Notre Dame Law School’s Religious Liberty Initiative hosted the Black Church & Religious Freedom Conference in partnership with the Seymour Institute for Black Church and Policy […]

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