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Students and Scholars

Resources For Students and Scholars

CPJ’s archives contain decades of articles, policy papers and commentary from CPJ’s distinctive perspective, designed to facilitate research by students and scholars. If you are interested in reading these resources, contact CPJ for more information.

The Hatfield Prize Awards

The Hatfield Prize is designed to foster and advance Christian scholarship on today’s most complex social challenges. Awarded annually to three student-faculty pairs from Council for Christian Colleges and Universities (CCCU) institutions, these financial prizes facilitate student-faculty research over the course of a semester and culminate in the publication of policy reports.


CPJ offers paid internships at our offices in Alexandria, VA. This formative educational experience encourages interns’ professional, spiritual, and intellectual development at the intersection of faith, public policy, and justice.

Annual Kuyper Lecture

Hatfield Prize


Shared Justice is the leading online journal for Christian reflection on public justice, specifically crafted for college students and young professionals. This nonpartisan forum discusses the intersection of faith, politics, and justice and addresses the critical question: what does it mean to “do justice” as citizens in a diverse political community?

Political Discipleship

The Political Discipleship Guide from the Center for Public Justice is created for small groups and provides a practical approach to Christian citizenship and engagement with public justice. 

Political Discipleship is designed to help small groups explore faithful, Christian citizenship by practicing citizenship together.

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