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Shared Justice

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Of Faith and Financial Regulations: Why Christians Should Care About the CFPB

Debt can be dangerous, especially for young adults. How many of us young adults, not experienced in the world of borrowing, have missed a credit card bill and ended up […]

The Whole of Life: The Case for Extending Medicaid Benefits for Maternal Health

Right now, the United States is facing a maternal health crisis. Christians have the opportunity and duty to support policies, like extending Medicaid coverage to a full year after birth, that honor the dignity of pregnant women and their children.

Ending Online Sexual Exploitation of Children: What Must be Done?

Congress has the opportunity to pass the End Network Distribution (END) of Child Exploitation Act this year to give law enforcement much needed time to respond to this horrific crime and identify children who are in situations of exploitation.

Making Wrong Things Right: John Cotton Richmond on Ending Human Trafficking

John Cotton Richmond joins Emily Fromke for a conversation about the current state of human trafficking and avenues for addressing this ongoing problem.

A Public Justice Response to Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global issue that impacts nearly every industry and region in the world. It’s also a growing issue that requires a robust public justice response.

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