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Shared Justice

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Learning to Disagree: A Conversation with Dr. John Inazu

Emily Crouch sat down with Dr. John Inazu to discuss his latest book, Learning to Disagree. Check out the interview here.

Welcoming The Foreigner: An Interview With Dr. Ruth Melkonian-Hoover

Welcome to the Academics Corner! CPJ’s ongoing series sharing the good work that Christian academics are doing to promote public justice from their research to the lecture hall. RS: Could […]

A New Debt Epidemic: The Risky Wager Of Online Sports Betting

Sports betting is having an enormous impact on society and it is disproportionately impacting the lives of young men who are less risk-averse and interested in sports.

Reconsidering school choice and the benefits of principled pluralism for the common good

What this cautionary tale of separate and unequal education ought to teach us is that without careful forethought and attention, parents and schools can knowingly (or unknowingly) foment education inequities. However, when carefully crafted public policy includes a call for a pluralistic education system that is grounded in the diversity found within the American public, and also importantly, in freedom of conscience, school choice policies can provide better education options for every child.

Carving out a compassionate space within corrections

This article is one in a series examining the unique challenges that emerging adults – those ages 18 to 25 – face when they come into contact with the justice system. We hope this series illuminates the different angles of this issue and expands our public vision of how to seek justice for individuals and communities in this critical period of life.

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