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Leaders of Faith-Based Organizations and Houses of Worship

Resources for Leaders of Faith-Based Organizations and Houses of Worship

Faith-based organizations of all faiths play a unique role in society, making distinctive contributions that shape their communities and benefit the people they serve. Government has a responsibility to honor those distinctive contributions by making space for their flourishing, and also, when appropriate, by partnering for the delivery of services.

Faith-Based Organization Best Practices

The Center for Public Justice provides resources for best practices for leaders of faith-based organizations through CPJ’s Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance, CPJ’s Equipping Ministries Fellowship learning cohorts, and CPJ’s partnership with Standards for Excellence ®.  

For access to all resources for leaders of faith-based organizations and houses of worship, click on the link below.

Faith-Based Organizations and Public Policy

CPJ’s Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance  works to protect the religious freedom of faith-based organizations of every faith. 

Inspired by the principled pluralist vision and rooted in Christian teachings, IRFA member-organizations affirm that public policies must protect the broad freedom of civil society organizations and must treat equitably individuals and organizations of every faith and secular conviction, consistent with the common good.

Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance

Equipping Ministries Fellowship

Standards for Excellence®

Standards for Excellence Institute®

CPJ is a licensed replication partner with the Standards for Excellence Institute ®. The foundation of the Standards for Excellence® program is the published Standards for Excellence®: An Ethics and Accountability Code for the Nonprofit Sector. It identifies 6 major areas of nonprofit governance and management which contain 27 different topic areas. Each topic area includes specific benchmarks and measures that provide a structured approach to building capacity, accountability, and sustainability in your organization.

The goals for the Standards for Excellence program are to strengthen nonprofits and improve the public’s trust of nonprofit organizations. CPJ’s partnership with Standards for Excellence helps provide the best possible resources to help build the capacity of nonprofits to effectively and efficiently meet the needs of their communities.

Equipping Ministries Fellowship

The Equipping Ministries Fellowship is a cohort-based learning program for Hispanic-led ministries that brings together believers who know that the Body of Christ can take practical steps to do justice and be light in their communities. The Equipping Ministries Fellowship helps participating ministry leaders discover how to use the tools they already have and gain key knowledge that increases their impact in their families, congregations, and communities.


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