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What Makes the Center for Public Justice Different?

CPJ is a nonpartisan Christian organization engaged in public policy development and civic education. Our mission is to serve God, advance justice, and transform public life. Rather than supporting  the polarized views of issue-oriented, short-term, pragmatic politics that dominate today’s government, we work towards the soundness of public institutions, the art of long-term constitutional statecraft, and the common good of the republic as a whole. 

What is Public Justice?

Public justice is the act of promoting the well-being of an entire society in right relationship with the larger world that God made. Government and citizens work in tandem at all levels to help achieve this goal.

Why does public justice matter?

Public justice matters because it provides a framework for citizens to engage in public life in pursuit of justice for all.

Christian & Democratic

Our Christian-democratic approach is rooted in the tenets of Christianity. Without public privilege, we seek to live at peace with all people and work to build states and an international order that promotes justice for everyone.

Principled Pluralism

Principled pluralism means that government is obligated to do justice to society’s nongovernmental organizations and institutions, and supports equal treatment and equal public room for people of all faiths and none.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:
Equip Citizens: Through our publications, speeches, and programs, the Center for Public Justice inspires citizens with a Christian perspective and equips them with tools for civic responsibility.

Develop Leaders: Through our leadership development program, the Center for Public Justice encourages citizens with talents for public service, nurtures public officials, and honors model public servants.

Shape Policy: To help shape policy, the Center for Public Justice conducts research, crafts proposals, and advocates reforms. Staff members advise public officials, submit briefs in court cases, and educate the public about new policies.

I am a

Student or Scholar

I am a

Leader of a Faith-Based Organization or House of Worship

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Advocate or Policy Maker

What We Do


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