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CPJ Distinctives

What Distinguishes the Center for Public Justice?

CPJ has four important differentiators: 

  1. Comprehensive Approach: We want to foster a new politics, a renewed sense of public responsibility among citizens, and a forward-looking, comprehensive approach to public life that will lead to a more just republic and international order.
  2. Christian & Nonpartisan: Christian engagement in politics  should mean, among other things, that Christian citizens, without any public privilege, will seek to live at peace with all people and will work to build states and an international order to promote justice for people of all faiths and none.
  3. Principled Pluralism: The state itself is one institutional community among others in society. Government is therefore obligated to do justice to nongovernmental civil society’s organizations and institutions. This further requires government give equal treatment to religion, in organizations and individuals,  in public as well as in private life.
  4. Global Perspective: We are an American organization focusing primarily on domestic governance and civic responsibility. But as Christians, we see our citizenship as subordinate to the global purposes of God in history and thus recognize our own obligation and that of our government to promote international justice.
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