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Learn More About Civitas

Civitas is a program designed around the unique experience of young Christian congressional staffers. The program brings a combination of Christian leadership development and faith-based vocational formation to Capitol Hill: investing and equipping a bi-partisan cohort of public servants who will shape the future of government, policy, and more. Learn more about what to expect as a Civitas Fellow below.

Elements of Civitas

Civitas Fellows will attend lunch/dinner meetings every two weeks for the four-month duration of the program.

  • Lunch/dinner will be provided at each meeting. 
  • Each meeting will be structured as an hour-long seminar-style discussion.
  • The topics of discussion will be based on supplementary readings Fellows receive from Civitas. These readings familiarize students with the works of Kuyper, Mouw, Skillen, and other scholars examining Christian civic presence. 
  • The readings are designed to equip Fellows to engage in discussion with each other about their own reflections, questions, conclusions, and applications of the ideas presented through Civitas.
  • Civitas Fellows will apply their learning through practical workshops and exercises that directly relate to their roles as Staff Assistants and Legislative Correspondents.


The first season of Civitas will hold its first meeting on Friday, March 24th, 2023, and have its last meeting on Friday, July 14th, 2023. The cohort will meet on Capitol Hill from 12pm-1pm. The complete list of meeting dates for Civitas, Spring 2023, are as follows: 

  • Friday, March 24th – Christian Public Service: A Principled Pluralist Approach
  • Friday, April 7th –Biblical Perspectives on the Nature and Limits of Government (What Should Government Do or Not Do?)
  • Friday, April 21th – The Vast, Other Part of Our Lives: Civil Society
  • Friday, May 5th – Virtues and Skills for Hill Staff in Light of Our Call to Public Service
  • Friday, May 19th – Institutional Religious Freedom 
  • Friday, June 16th – Working Within a Party While Retaining Christian Independence 
  • Friday, June 30th – Politics & Idolatry
  • Friday, July 16th – Working Together for the Common Good Despite Partisan and Confessional Differences

Civitas Fall 2023 will hold its first meeting on Thursday, September 7th. Look out for updates on CPJ’s social media!

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