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What We Do

Securing the Common Good

As the leading U.S. nonpartisan Christian think tank and a trusted civic educator, CPJ seeks to secure the common good by equipping citizens, developing leaders, and shaping policy to ultimately achieve public justice.

CPJ is fostering a new politics, a renewed sense of public responsibility among citizens, and a forward-looking, comprehensive approach to public life that will lead to a more just republic and international order.

CPJ brings together citizens, government officials, faith-based organizations, and scholars to pursue justice.

CPJ equips citizens, policymakers, faith-based organizations, and others with policy research and civic education resources to serve God by transforming public life.

Our Mission

Our mission is threefold:

1. Equip Citizens: Through our publications, events, and programs, CPJ inspires citizens with a Christian perspective and equips them with the resources and tools for civic responsibility.

2. Develop Leaders: Through our leadership development programs, we encourage citizens with talents for public service, nurture public officials, and honor model public servants.

3. Shape Policy: We conduct research, craft proposals, and advocate reforms to help build coalitions and shape policy. Team members advise public officials, submit briefs in court cases, and educate the public about new policies.

Our Work Transcends Interest Groups

Today’s political climate is dominated by divisive issues. CPJ believes that the nation can flourish only when governed by standards transcending conflicting and narrow interest-group competition.

The Center for Public Justice is both a think tank and a civic-education organization whose viewpoint and purpose give a wider lens.

Guided by Christian pluralist roots, long-term sound statecraft is possible.  Citizens and public officeholders can unite in the pursuit of justice for all.

CPJ seeks to nurture a new generation of principled, visionary citizens and political leaders through the following programs:

Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance: IRFA protects and promotes the freedom needed by faith-based organizations so that they can make their distinctive contributions to the common good. 

Families Valued: Families Valued advances workplace and public policies that honor God’s call to work and family life.

Equipping Ministries Fellowship:  Through the Equipping Ministries Fellowship, CPJ provides relevant resources for Hispanic-led ministries to navigate the need for best-practices, the complexity of  public policy, and the call to public engagement. 

Shared JusticeShared Justice, CPJ’s program for Christian college students and young adults , inspires and equips the next generation of leaders with the framework and tools needed for a sustained commitment to civic engagement and advocacy in their communities.

Our Purpose

Our purpose is threefold:

1. Serve God. We aspire to a United States and a world in which citizens, particularly Christians, take their civic responsibilities seriously as a service to God, until the kingdom of God comes in its fullness.

CPJ’s foremost purpose is to serve God by obeying God’s call to do justice.

2. Advance Justice. We aspire to a United States and a world where governments carry out their high calling to do justice to all citizens, institutions and communities.

CPJ’s aim is to advance justice by advocating the proper exercise of government’s authority to uphold the common good. 

3. Transform Public Life. We aspire to a United States and a world where citizens and leaders work together to shape public life for the good of all, both nationally and internationally.

By establishing the proper relationship between government and nongovernmental responsibilities in society, and upholding equal access for and treatment of all faiths in the public square, we can achieve these goals.


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