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Our Mission

Pursuing Justice

Serve God. We aspire to a United States and a world in which citizens, particularly Christians, take their civic responsibilities seriously as a service to God, until the kingdom of God comes in its fullness.

Advance Justice. We aspire to a United States and a world where governments carry out their high calling to do justice to all citizens, institutions, and communities.

Transform Public Life. We aspire to a United States and a world where citizens and leaders work together to shape public life for the good of all, both nationally and internationally.

Our Mission

Serving God by equipping citizens, developing leaders, and shaping policy to advance justice for the transformation of public life. 

What We Do

At the Center for Public Justice we:

  • Are committed to public service that responds to God’s call to do justice.
  • Pursue a multi-issue, public-interest approach to lawmaking and governance.
  • Believe Christians should contribute to the health of the nation through political participation.
  • Equip  officeholders and citizens to fulfill their responsibilities. 
  • Educate government to help uphold a thriving civil society.
  • Develop and advocate for policies that encourage a healthy relationship between government and other institutions.

Guidelines and Principles

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