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Take Action: Congress Should Support Pro-Family, Pro-Worker Policies

Taking Action

God calls Christians to work together to attend to our neighbors’ needs in concrete ways, including through public policies that promote flourishing families and communities. 

Families Valued provides resources for those advocating in the public square for pro-family policies such as paid family leave. Our policy analysis is rooted in Christian foundations and several core principles. We develop our calls to action in consultation with experts in policy and the social sciences as well as through listening to the stories of families from all walks of life.

What is a Family Worth?

CPJ’s Paid Family Leave Advocacy Toolkit provides resources, guidelines, and tips on the why, what, and how of advocating for a permanent paid leave program for the benefit of all American families. The toolkit names the biblical and statistical basis for paid family leave and will prepare you and a team to reach out to lawmakers through letters, emails and personal meetings.

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