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Advocates and Policymakers

Resources For Advocates and Policymakers

CPJ offers many resources for advocates and policymakers, including whitepapers, webinars, coalition leadership and training. CPJ’s work is upstream of the courts and litigation. CPJ works to proactively shape and responsibly reform laws, regulations, and government programs to uphold public justice.

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CPJ’s Mission

CPJ is uniquely positioned to equip citizens and policymakers to secure the common good. CPJ’s mission is to:

Equip Citizens. The Center for Public Justice inspires citizens with a Christian perspective and equips them with tools for civic responsibility.

Develop Leaders. The Center for Public Justice encourages citizens with talents for public service, nurtures public officials, and honors model public servants.

Shape Policy. The Center for Public Justice conducts research, crafts proposals, and advocates reforms. Team members advise public officials, submit briefs in court cases, and educate the public about new policies.

The Responsibilities of Citizenship

Are you just getting started considering the responsibilities of citizenship? The Political Discipleship Guide from the Center for Public Justice is created for small groups and provides a practical approach to Christian citizenship and engagement with public justice. 

Political Discipleship is designed to help small groups explore faithful, Christian citizenship by practicing citizenship together.


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