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Core Values

We are Christ-centered. The redemptive and wise teachings of Jesus Christ continually shape us and God’s common grace makes justice possible. 

We affirm God’s sovereignty. Christ’s Lordship extends over family, church, civil society, and government, which are all given different responsibilities necessary for upholding public justice and contributing to the common good of society. 

We uphold the inherent dignity of all people. Though marred by sin, every person is created in the image of God and endowed with the ability and responsibility to actively contribute to the renewal of public life. 

We practice collaboration. In humility and commitment, we seek strong partnerships with a diverse set of people and institutions and engage with each other’s perspectives on solutions for the issues facing our local communities and nation. 

We live and work as careful stewards. We are grateful and responsible for our time, finances, skills, experiences, and other resources and gifts that God has entrusted us. 

We conduct ourselves and our work with integrity. We hold ourselves accountable both in the way that we interact with our coworkers and partners outside of the organization and in how we carry out our policy work.

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