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IRFA's Focus and Impact

IRFA– Serving Faith-Based Organizations and Their Leaders

The Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance  works to protect the religious freedom of faith-based organizations of every faith. 

IRFA is inspired by the principled pluralist vision, rooted in Christian teachings, that affirms that public policies must protect the broad freedom of civil society organizations and must treat equitably individuals and organizations of every faith and secular conviction, consistent with the common good.

For more on this perspective, see What Distinguishes the Center for Public Justice?

Our Mission

IRFA promotes the religious identity and practices of organizations that work for the common good, whatever their respective faith commitments. IRFA advocates for the protection of institutional religious freedom to Congress and the administration. IRFA equips faith-based organizations to responsibly utilize their freedoms. IRFA helps the media and scholars to understand the value of faith-based organizations and the need for and dimensions of institutional religious freedom.

How IRFA Works

  • IRFA convenes faith-based organizations, religious freedom advocates, and government relations staff to strategize together how best to safeguard institutional religious freedom.
  • IRFA advocates to Congress, the White House, and federal agencies for policies that treat equally faith-based organizations.
  • IRFA provides training, analyses, and board consultations to faith-based organizations.
  • IRFA provides to the media, often on background, analyses of institutional religious freedom trends.
  • IRFA promotes support for the principles of the faith-based initiative for the sake of positive social outcomes, effective government, and positive partnerships between government and faith-based organizations.

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