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Resources For You

Resources for Students and Scholars

As a student or scholar, are you looking for opportunities to receive funding for student-faculty research, publications ready for educational use, training, small group guides, internships, advocacy tools or campus visits? Look no further.

Resources for Leaders of Faith-Based Organizations and Houses of Worship

As a leader of a faith-based organization or house of worship, are you looking for resources about organizational best-practices, religious hiring, the faith-based initiative, law and policy governing faith-based organizations, and advocacy? Look no further. Spanish-language resources are included.

Resources for Advocates and Policymakers

As a citizen-advocate or policymaker, are you looking for training, whitepapers, and guidance about pressing issues of public policy? Look no further.

Students and Scholars

Faith-Based Organization Leaders

Advocates and Policymakers

Resources for Small Groups

CPJ’s Political Discipleship Guide for small groups  provides a practical approach to Christian citizenship and engagement with public justice. 

Political Discipleship helps small groups explore faithful, Christian citizenship by practicing citizenship together.


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