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Families Valued

Through the Families Valued program, the Center for Public Justice promotes public policies and workplace practices that help families flourish.

Our Focus & Impact

Families Valued conducts research, convenes partners, and educates citizens. The program orients its work around two core principles: that families are the foundation of healthy communities and societies and that all work, including family caregiving, has inherent dignity. Motivated by these principles, CPJ promotes: 

  • Paid family leave and pregnancy accommodation
  • Maternal health access and family-oriented benefits 
  • A child care ecosystem that serves America’s diverse families well

Spotlight on Maternal Health

An October 2022 webinar, Black Motherhood Matters, examines the systemic factors that lead to higher maternal mortality rates for black mothers and their children. Guests Khadija Garrison Adams, Lauren Reilford, and Cessilye Smith and moderator Kathyrn Freeman discuss what it looks like for Christian communities to support and affirm Black motherhood.  

Join CPJ in taking action to improve maternal health care.

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Spotlight on Paid Family Leave

The U.S. remains one of the world’s few industrialized nations without guaranteed paid family leave.

CPJ convened a diverse Leadership Council to reflect on a principled, common ground approach to paid family leave. Their report, “Honoring Families, Loving Our Neighbors: A Common Ground Proposal for Paid Family Leave” offers sensible policies that can help secure the best health and future for families, and for our country by creating a universal paid family leave program offering benefits for new parents and end-of-life caregivers. It also urges policymakers to work toward guaranteeing all who work at least two weeks paid time off for routine health and caregiving needs.


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