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Room to Grow: Achieving Better Mental Health for Youth in the Justice System

Given the severe harm facing children caught in our country’s criminal justice system, how might we change things so that those in ‘the dawn of life’ might not have their bright future dimmed by incarceration?

Juvenile Justice and Learning: How Education Impacts Youth Recidivism

If public education is to realize its full capacity to reduce recidivism, it must make learning a top priority for justice-involved youth.

Religious Freedom to House the Homeless

“Blessed are the poor…” my four-year-old croons the lyrics between gasped whispers, barely audible, as if unwilling to bring the full weight of his singing voice to these words until […]

Gen Z, Before You Opt Out of 2024’s Election, Consider This

Voting, however, does not just impact my identity and my life. When we vote, it shapes the lives of our families, our neighbors and our communities.

Neglecting the Most Vulnerable: The Systemic Medication of Foster Youth

Medication without therapy is like putting a Band-Aid on a wound that needs surgery – it doesn’t really fix the problem.

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