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Are You Passionate About CPJ’s Mission?

The Center for Public Justice  is the leading Christian nonpartisan think tank and civic education organization that counts on the participation of scholars and students, faith-based organization leaders, community members, and policymakers to help create a more just political community.

Do you wonder if the dividing lines of partisan, issue-driven political tactics can be overcome? Are you ready to do the work that is needed to help ensure government upholds public justice for all on the local, state, and federal levels? 

Get involved with CPJ and join us in serving God, advancing justice, and transforming public life.

Donate to The Center for Public Justice

Your donation provides the financial resources to equip citizens, develop leaders and shape policy. 

Your donation directly benefits:

  • citizens whose participation is shaped by the publications CPJ offers, 
  • leaders like you who attend CPJ’s events, programs and training, 
  • policymakers and advocates who benefit from CPJ’s research and policy proposals. 

In a nation cleaved by deep divisions, your donation toward leadership with hope makes more of a difference now than ever. 

Join CPJ in serving God, advancing justice, and transforming public life by clicking the secure link below.

Start a Political Discipleship Group

The Political Discipleship Guide from the Center for Public Justice is created for small groups and provides a practical approach to Christian citizenship and engagement with public justice. The Political Discipleship Guide equips small groups to explore faithful, Christian citizenship by practicing citizenship together.

Become a Donor

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Find a CPJ Career

Are you passionate about CPJ’s mission and committed to excellence in all you do? Consider joining CPJ’s team! A commitment to Christ in every area of life is an essential quality required of every team member in order to fulfill CPJ’s mission. Candidates for CPJ’s team must be able to demonstrate their faith commitment in practice and explain how they envision their faith connecting with their role at CPJ. 

For more information about available positions and CPJ’s benefits package, check out the open CPJ career opportunities.

Intern at CPJ

CPJ offers paid, in-person internships at our offices in Alexandria, VA. This formative educational experience encourages interns’ professional, spiritual, and intellectual development at the intersection of faith, public policy, and justice. Interns participate in a weekly educational seminar to learn the historical and theological underpinnings of a public justice perspective. CPJ offers fall, spring, and summer internships to undergraduate, graduate, seminary, and law students. 

Internships are accepted on a rolling basis, and early applications are better. 


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