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A Better Path: Juvenile Justice Mental Health Courts

According to the Department of Justice, a healthy juvenile justice system “…enhances public safety, ensures that youth are held appropriately accountable to both crime victims and communities, and empowers youth […]

Navigating FBO Service in Light of New Regulation for LGBTQ Youth in Foster Care

The Biden administration has issued a new regulation for foster care that is intended to ensure safe and appropriate care for LGBTQI+ children. States are supposed to comply with it by October 1, 2026.

New HHS Grants Regulation: Redefining Sex Discrimination and Protections for Faith-Based Organizations

A greatly modified regulation that applies to all Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) grants is now in effect. The regulation bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity (SOGI) in the 13 HHS funding programs that include a prohibition on sex discrimination.

Is There Room for Faith in State-Funded Preschools? A Current Conflict in Light of The Magnificat and Mary’s “Yes”

In contemporary contexts, Mary’s example and the Magnificat inspire believers to advocate for religious freedom not only as a personal right but as a communal and institutional good that benefits all of society.

Rest and Resiliency: Helping Indigenous Youth Stay Out of the Justice System Through Arts-Based Programs

Preventing youth substance abuse and juvenile delinquency isn’t just about warning teens and children of the dangers of alcohol and illicit substances. It’s also about offering youth opportunities to develop resilience and hope. 

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