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Join the Institutional Religious Freedom Alliance

IRFA works to protect the freedom of faith-based organizations to maintain their religious identity and practices. We draw together faith-based organizations, their associations, and interested individuals across religious, ethnic, and sector lines to make common cause for institutional religious freedom. 

IRFA is dedicated to actively promoting the cause of institutional religious freedom, working upstream from the courts by crafting better policy solutions rather than only opposing bad policy proposals. 

Join IRFA to:

  • Be at the forefront in understanding the role of faith-based services in our pluralistic society 
  • Become part of an expansive network of faith-based service organizations
  • Demonstrate the  importance that you place on your religious identity and faith-shaped practices
  • Show your members, your donors, and the public your commitment to upholding religious freedom for all
  • Join together with other leaders to affect policy developments
  • Make your organization’s educational and advocacy work more effective
  • Receive access to  member-only webinars and calls
  • Receive access to member-only capacity-building resources specifically for the leaders of faith-based organizations
  • Receive member-discounted rates for consulting services by subject matter experts for you and your organization’s board and staff 

Members are not publicly identified without specific permission.

Annual Dues

Supporting memberships are open to faith-based organizations and to associations of faith-based organizations. Annual membership begins when an application is accepted by IRFA. For individuals who wish to be supportive of IRFA’s work, we welcome your donation, designated for IRFA. See our donate page for additional details.

Annual Dues for Associations and Organizations

Annual revenueAnnual dues
$500,000 to $999,999$1,000
$250,000 to $499,999$500
$0 to $249,999$250

Renew your IRFA Membership:

Fill out the membership renewal application by downloading this fillable PDF. Please send the filled form to Dawn Brotherton at

Join IRFA:

Fill out the membership application form by downloading this fillable PDF. Please complete this form and return it to Dawn Brotherton at Questions can also be directed to Dawn via email or by calling the CPJ office at 202-695-2667.

Applications for membership must be accepted by IRFA to become effective. After your New Membership Application is reviewed and accepted, you’ll receive an email notification with instructions for paying dues and signing into your online donor portal. 

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