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Newsletter Descriptions

CPJ e-Link: CPJ’s monthly round-up newsletter. Features stories of impact, op-eds about policies CPJ focuses on, upcoming and past CPJ events, periodic policy action alerts, latest reports and press releases, and other helpful resources and content from CPJ’s programs.

Families Valued Newsletter: A monthly newsletter that provides resources, research, commentary, and policy recommendations related to family-supportive policies.

Shared Justice Highlights: A monthly newsletter for students, young adults, professors, and other members of the Shared Justice community who are interested in receiving updates about the Hatfield Prize research, reading Shared Justice articles on different policy issues, and learning more about opportunities to get involved with programs at CPJ.

IRFA e-News: A monthly newsletter for faith-based organizations with news and evaluation about public policies, court action, and research relating to faith-based organizations and their service to society.

Prayer Email: A monthly newsletter for friends of CPJ who wish to stay informed about the work of CPJ and to support it in prayer. As part of the prayer letter, CPJ’s staff will offer thanksgiving and prayer requests for CPJ’s ongoing work.

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