to equip citizens, shape policy, and develop leaders.

Single Donations

Donate to uphold public justice

At the Center for Public Justice, we believe that a biblical vision of justice and principled pluralism has the capacity to transform public life. To advance this vision, we equip citizens, shape policy, and develop leaders. When you join us in this mission with your donation, you support programs like:

  • The Equipping Ministries Fellowship, where we provide churches and faith-based nonprofits the resources to flourish in organizational life and embody biblical civic engagement.
  • Our work to educate civic leaders and shape policy such that juvenile probation systems in the United States become increasingly restorative in principles and practices.
  • CPJ’s internship program, where students engage with public justice through a course on principled pluralism and join our staff in doing meaningful work to advance our mission, all while developing professional and leadership skills.

Your generous donation makes these initiatives possible. With your involvement, you can advance justice such that public life is filled with leaders and citizens like you who desire civic flourishing and work to see it realized. Please join us in serving God, advancing justice, and transforming public life by clicking the secure link below.
For donations by mail or by phone, please see our Custom Gift FAQ below.

Monthly Donations

Citizenship is our common calling!

When you make a recurring donation to the Center for Public Justice, you sustain day-to-day work to equip citizens, shape policy, and develop leaders. Your consistent generosity enables CPJ to realize our shared mission: serving God, advancing justice, and transforming public life.

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Give a Custom Donation

Custom donations leave a unique mark on CPJ’s work. These donations have special tax benefits and will allow you to make a lasting impact at CPJ for years to come. Listed below are examples of custom donations:

  • Gifts of securities
  • Asset donations
  • Donations in a will
  • Matching donations
  • Charitable gift annuity

If you would like to become involved with CPJ through a custom donation, please contact our development staff at 202-695-2667, who would be happy to provide you resources for this process, and see our Custom Donation FAQ below.

Custom Donation FAQ