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Learning to Disagree: A Conversation with Dr. John Inazu

Emily Crouch sat down with Dr. John Inazu to discuss his latest book, Learning to Disagree. Check out the interview here.

Welcoming The Foreigner: An Interview With Dr. Ruth Melkonian-Hoover

Welcome to the Academics Corner! CPJ’s ongoing series sharing the good work that Christian academics are doing to promote public justice from their research to the lecture hall. RS: Could […]

Nonpartisan Advocacy for the Vulnerable: An Interview with Dr. Abby Foreman

Dr. Foreman discusses her experience in advocacy, especially for the hungry, and how CPJ materials are useful in the classroom.

I Love, Therefore I Am: A Conversation About Love and Gender With Dr. Fellipe do Vale

Dr. Fellipe do Vale discusses the nature of love, gender, and desire in modern society from an Augustinian framework.

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