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Healing in Community: Incarceration Alternatives for Emerging Adults

Matthew McCullers writes, “As a community, we are called to push each other towards Kingdom realities, which hinge upon justice — justice that seeks to bring healing to not only those who have been incarcerated, but to their families, victim(s) and communities.”

Rewiring for Healing: A Holistic Response to the Impact of Social Media on Youth Mental Health

America’s youth are experiencing a mental health crisis, and unregulated social media access is one of its key contributors. Both government and civil society must act to keep social media companies in check and promote healthy digital citizenship in youth.

An Interview with Juana Jerez, Equipping Ministries Fellowship Intern

As an intern at the Center of Public Justice (CPJ) in the Equipping Ministries Fellowship (EMF) team, I am currently working on the upcoming Equipping Ministries Fellowship Podcast. As a podcast associate, visual artist, and producer, I have been collaborating with a team to create engaging episodes that explore the intersection of faith, ministry, and public justice.

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