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An Interview with Juana Jerez, Equipping Ministries Fellowship Intern

1. What projects are you working on as an Equipping Ministries Fellowship (EMF) intern? Can you share about the upcoming EMF Podcast?

As an intern with Center for Public Justice’s Equipping Ministries Fellowship, I am currently working on the upcoming Equipping Ministries Fellowship Podcast. As a podcast associate, visual artist, and producer, I collaborate with Mario Alfaro, EMF Program Director, and CPJ’s communications team to produce engaging episodes that explore the intersection of faith, ministry, and public justice. As part of this podcast, we aim to provide Hispanic pastors and ministries with practical resources, insightful discussions, and inspiring stories that will empower them in their engagement with public issues.

2. What has been a highlight of your time at CPJ?

A highlight of my time at CPJ has been the opportunity to work closely with a diverse and passionate team dedicated to public justice. The collaborative and supportive environment at CPJ has allowed me to grow both professionally and personally. I have also had the privilege of interacting with prominent thought leaders, theologians, and practitioners who have deepened my understanding of the vital role faith plays in the pursuit of justice.

3. How has your time at CPJ shaped your perception of faith and politics?

My time at CPJ has profoundly shaped my perception of faith and politics. Through engaging in rigorous research, thought discussions, and practical training, I have come to understand that faith and politics are intricately connected. CPJ’s emphasis on the theological and ethical foundations of public justice has helped me realize the transformative potential of faith in shaping policies and addressing systemic issues. I have gained a deeper appreciation for the importance of advocating for justice, promoting the common good, and ensuring the flourishing of all individuals and communities.

4. In what ways are you excited to see CPJ and EMF grow in the coming years?

It is my hope that Equipping Ministries Fellowship Podcast will become a valuable resource for Hispanic individuals, communities, churches, and ministries, providing practical tools and theological insights for effective engagement in public justice. It is exciting to watch CPJ and EMF become catalysts for transformative change, equipping individuals and communities with the tools to embody justice, love mercy, and walk humbly with God in all spheres of life.

Juana Valentina Jerez works as an intern at CPJ producing the EMF Podcast. She received her bachelor’s degree in audiovisual arts and graphic design from the Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas in Colombia.

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