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3 Big Questions to Ask About Your Will

A completed will or trust provides a wonderful opportunity to honor God and provide for your family. Through it, you can also give in a meaningful way to the Center for Public Justice and the other causes close to your heart.

Here are three big questions to consider as you work through the planning process. 

Does my will reflect my priorities?

Your will is a powerful testimony of what matters most to you. What are the core values and guiding principles by which you’ve lived your life? Consider how your estate plan might communicate these priorities to your family and the world. 

Does my will appropriately care for all my people?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” way to structure your distributions. Do you have loved ones with special needs? How prepared are your heirs to manage resources well? Your plan should be structured in a way that supports the values and financial freedom you wish to pass on to the next generation. 

Does my plan support my passions?

Through your will, you can give in a substantial way to the Center for Public Justice and the other causes that mean so much to you. What are the greatest needs you see in the world today? What passions has God placed in your heart? Extend your Kingdom impact well beyond your lifetime by including charitable gifts in your will. 

What’s your next step in the planning process? Request your free copy of “The Roadmap to Your Completed Will” by calling the CPJ office at 202-695-2667 or emailing Dawn Brotherton, Director of Development, at

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