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The Center for Public Justice Endorses the Fairness for All Bill


Meg Henry, Director of Communications


The Center for Public Justice Endorses the Fairness for All Bill

December 6, 2019 (WASHINGTON, DC) – The Center for Public Justice supports the Fairness for All bill, new legislation announced today in Congress. Fairness for All addresses the deep differences that exist in American society concerning religious freedom and LGBT civil rights. The bill, with Rep. Chris Stewart (R-UT) as chief sponsor and a broad coalition of LGBT and religious leaders as supporters, will protect the rights and beliefs of persons and organizations with differing convictions and practices. The Center for Public Justice, a Christian organization, is committed to the historic biblical understandings of marriage and human sexuality. The Fairness for All bill acknowledges the pluralistic nature of our society, protecting religious rights and other constitutional freedoms while also ensuring basic civil rights for LGBT people. 

“The Center for Public Justice works towards solutions founded in principled pluralism–solutions that respect the religious and philosophical convictions of all citizens and organizations,” said Center for Public Justice CEO Stephanie Summers. “We support the Fairness for All legislation introduced today. We urge Congress to pass this legislation that offers a way forward so that all citizens, regardless of religious beliefs or sexual orientation, can live side-by-side as good neighbors.”

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