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Kolbe Cole and the DOVE Initiative: Igniting Hope in Beaver County

Joya Schreurs: Hello! We’re so excited to hear about everything that’s happening with the DOVE (Diversion, Occupation, Vocation, Education) program. To begin, could you give us an overview of what […]

A Pastor, Comma, Not a Pastor, Period: An Interview with Joshua Robertson About the Learning Center at Allison Hill

This interview is another part of our series on diversion programs and juvenile justice, exploring how institutions and individuals can help redirect youth from justice system involvement. Joya Schreurs: To […]

The Case for Diversion Programs: A New Strategy for Youth Justice

This article is the first in an ongoing series featuring different models of diversion programs, which redirect youth from justice system involvement and its host of harmful effects. Through articles […]

Congress Must Save the Child Tax Credit: What You Need to Know and Why You Should Care

Congress faces a crossroads: uphold family-supportive legislation through extending the Child Tax Credit, or discontinue it, passing the Tax Cuts for Working Families Act as is.

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