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The Senate’s Respect for Marriage Act Protects Churches and Faith-Based Service Organizations

The Respect for Marriage Act, if it becomes law, would ensure that the federal government and every state will continue to honor same-sex marriages even if Obergefell is overturned, while providing religious freedom protections to faith-based organizations.

Gen Z Takes a Stand for Environmental Justice

While ensuring a 100 percent clean energy economy and removing all man-made greenhouse emissions by 2050 is no small task, the state of our environment calls for immediate, even ambitious action. Youth in particular are aware of this, and they are taking a stand.  

What is Environmental Justice? What Christian Citizens Should Know

Although there is a growing number of Christian environmental justice advocates, there are still many Christians who misinterpret or are simply unaware of this relatively new term. Environmental justice is often seen as a less important issue compared to other social issues that plague our society, and, thus, is tossed to the side. However, comparing environmental justice to other social issues is faulty because it largely intersects with each of them, as well as with the Christian faith.

Courage and Collaboration: Howard University Juvenile Justice Advocates

There are many problems plaguing the youth justice system, including faults in the probation system, high levels of recidivism and lack of access to resources for low-income and minority youth. However, one problem that is seldom discussed and has a significant impact on youth is the use of detention centers. The Juvenile Justice Advocates at Howard University are an excellent example of how advocacy can make a difference in the lives of detained youth.

Op-Ed: Georgia, let’s advocate for pro-refugee, pro-family policies

This is the third of the Hatfield Prize 2022 Op-Ed series. These articles include key takeaways from the policy reports each of the Hatfield Prize recipients researched and wrote, which […]

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