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Church & State: Working Together to Disrupt the Foster Care to Human Trafficking Pipeline

When families are unable or unwilling to care for children, it is the government’s responsibility to ensure that they are protected and placed in safe and healthy homes.

Made in the Imago Dei: Caring about the workers behind fast fashion

Madi Allen’s article on fast fashion and the image of God continues our series on ending human trafficking. When many people think about human trafficking, they may think primarily about sex trafficking since that gets the most attention in the headlines. However, a large portion of the international human trafficking industry actually refers to forced labor. Individuals are tricked or forced to make a difficult decision to work for little to no pay for abusive and demanding companies that keep them trapped as a worker and unable to choose their own employment. They work long hours in often dangerous working conditions and enable these companies to turn a large profit on cheap clothing. Keep reading to learn more.

Ending Online Sexual Exploitation of Children: What Must be Done?

Congress has the opportunity to pass the End Network Distribution (END) of Child Exploitation Act this year to give law enforcement much needed time to respond to this horrific crime and identify children who are in situations of exploitation.

Making Wrong Things Right: John Cotton Richmond on Ending Human Trafficking

John Cotton Richmond joins Emily Fromke for a conversation about the current state of human trafficking and avenues for addressing this ongoing problem.

A Public Justice Response to Human Trafficking

Human trafficking is a global issue that impacts nearly every industry and region in the world. It’s also a growing issue that requires a robust public justice response.

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